Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TWD - Cheating on my old pie crust with French Apple Tart

I've been merrily making the same pie crust for years.  My mom would tell me tales of new recipes and methods she had tried, but I would have no part of it.  I loved my tried and true crust.  But then this one came along and it may be time to ditch my old pie crust recipe.  This one is similar with both butter and shortening, but somehow it's butterier and flakier.  So this recipe is a keeper not just for the wonderful crust, but also the filling.  I loved the filling and was glad I had a little left over.  The book suggested it could be saved and eaten as an ice cream topping.  As if.  I couldn't wait that long and ate it with a spoon while I waited for the tart to bake.  And I love the French bakery look of this tart too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TWD-Pizza with Onion Confit

I had such big plans for this post.  First I made this pizza with my mom, (we drove to Ohio for Christmas), so that made it a special post. And I got Photoshop for Christmas, so I had done some neato (but elementary) "photoshopping" of the pictures.  And then I was going to throw in a gratuitous snow picture because the day we made this at my mom's house in Ohio it snowed over 6 inches (which is a BIG deal when you live in Texas and your kids never get to see snow).  But alas my plans were dashed.  It seems Blogger is not working properly, so my pictures were taking forever to load and then the installation of Photoshop is making my dinasaur computer run slow, so this is it folks, one picture of the pizza with onion confit.  It was delicious and I would make it again.  For the kids we just did regular toppings, but the confit is a winner and makes for a nice change from the usual pizza toppings.  Plus my mom got a whole bag of onions for 49 cents, so you could go crazy making onion confit at that price.