Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TWD- Bagels

This week was one of those "Yes! I made that" moments.  Bagels are something I had never attempted prior to this week and really thought it was over my skill level.  That's what's great about Tuesdays with Dorie; trying things you might never try otherwise.

I thought the instructions for this recipe were great.  I used all bread flour because that's what I had on hand and I wouldn't change it.  For the boiling part, I did 90 seconds first and then 60 seconds after the flip and again I thought that worked out great.  My topping was coarse sea salt and it gave the bagels a taste almost like a soft pretzel. 

Boiling them - 90 seconds, then 60 seconds

I finished these up around 5:30 pm.  I had no intention of using them for dinner, but when I saw how great they turned out, I called my husband and told him to stop at the store and get some roast beef and Havarti cheese.  We had bagel sandwiches for dinner and everyone loved them.

I can't wait to make these again, but try flavors like cinnamon raisin or asiago cheese.  You know all the flavors that are tempting at Panera and Einstein Bagels.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TWD - Cranberry Pecan Pumpkin Loaf

Today was a high of 82 degrees in Sugar Land, Texas.  Even after 21 years in Texas, my internal clock is ready for  some cooler weather than 82 on October 1st.  So it was nice that at least the house smelled like fall with this bread. 

I was surprised like many others that this was not a quick bread and wondered if all the time invested would be worth it for a pumpkin bread.  But this is no ordinary pumpkin bread.  This is a whole other level of pumpkin bread.  I started this bread on Sunday afternoon and was not prepared for the overnight rise, but luckily I work from home on Mondays, so I could accommodate the three risings.  And what a great workday treat to have fresh autumn-smelling bread coming out of the oven at 3 pm.  On most days at 3 pm I am reaching for the 94% fat free popcorn, so my taste buds were in a real treat when this bread came out of the oven.  I let it cool for about 30 minutes, slathered it with butter and inhaled it. And then I had another piece.  And maybe another. It was that good.

I can't wait to make this again.  But if I do, I will use craisins if cranberries are not at their peak of ripeness. My only regret was using fresh cranberries that weren't ripe enough and they gave a tart bite to the bread. 

After the third rising

Ready to eat (after I pick out all the overly tart cranberries)