Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TWD-Savarin, the sleeper hit of the summer

I had very little expectations for this dessert. First I was suspicious that the recipe only called for 3/4 cup of flour. And the dough looked so puny in the pan and even punier after it baked and cooled.  But as I added the glaze (I just used a couple teaspoons of black raspberry jam) and the fruit, it started to breath new life.  I added rum to my simple syrup because my husband loves baba rum.  I do wish that I had brushed on the simple syrup while the cake was still hot because I think it would have absorbed more that way.  But other than that, this was a lovely cake.  It seemed so French country.  And my whole family liked it and didn't make suggestions on how it could be better!  I can definitely see myself making this again, especially during peak berry season.