Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If I didn't speak Spanish...

...I would swear that Boca Negra meant disaster or big fat mess.  When I flipped this out of the pan, a disaster was lurking behind the parchment paper.  I should have taken the advice of others on the P&Q page and baked this for longer than 30 minutes.  It came together beautifully.  Even the butter incorporated very smoothly, so I had such high hopes for this.  The top of the cake look just as described in the book after 30 minutes, but it just wasn't long enough to hold it's shape.  The taste of the "cake" wasn't bad.  I served it in cups like pudding, but because it was not baked long enough it was so rich that more than a couple bites was enough. I'll be curious if anyone was able to get this work with a 30 minute bake time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TWD-Foccacia Falter

Did anyone else open up this recipe on Monday afternoon and then read about the 24-36 hour rise or was it just me who planned this out so poorly?  I have made foccacia before and don't remember such a long rise, so I didn't think to read through this recipe earlier.  So I took the bread recipe and cut it in half (6-1/2 cups of flour seemed like it would make enough foccacia for all of Italy).  After the second rise, I split the dough in half and put it in oiled Ziploc bags as instructed.  Five hours later I took the first bag out to bake and the other bag is still in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner with soup.  I am hoping the long results with the slow rise are worth it, because I was not too impressed with the first batch.  It was fine, but was lacking something that I am hoping will be there tomorrow.