Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TWD- Hungarian Shortbread

Those Hungarians.  So clever.  Who would have thought to use a cheese grater to make a dessert?  Makes you wonder if there was once a shortage of cheese in Hungary and a housewife felt bad about the cheese grater her kids had given her for Christmas that never got used, so she decided to grate some shortbread dough into a pan? Whatever the reason, I loved this recipe.  I mean really, really loved it, can't wait to make it again, loved it.

I was excited from the beginning when I saw the recipe had rhubarb.  Growing up in Ohio, rhubarb was a rite of spring.  But living in Texas, I never see it.  Luckily a fancy super market sells it frozen in one pound bags.  I was skeptical of how thick the shortbread looked in the picture, but once I tasted it, thickness was not an issue.  It just meant more of the yummy buttery flavor to sandwich the tart rhubarb.


baker in disguise said...

wasnt the grating such a cool idea.. quite taken in with it.. I personally had to go with a substitution for the rhubarb.. a plum jam!!

Gretchen Noelle said...

Love your grater theory! Hehe! Lovely job on these!

Cher Rockwell said...

Ha! Great grater theory.
Great job. Thanks for baking along.

Teresa said...

It's great you were able to find a source for the rhubarb. It's interesting to see the challenges we each face in our region. Vancouver's a perfect environment for rhubarb, but citrus season always leaves me a little envious of folks in more southern climes.