Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TWD - Whole Wheat Loaves

I made this bread while I also made some cookies to send to my sister in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.  She is running for prosecutor (vote for Molly!) Since I can't join in the campaign efforts from over 1000 miles away, I thought I could help feed the efforts.  The focus of my afternoon was the cookies and not the bread, so I was glad the bread was as easy as it was.  I had no issues making it and it was a nice addition for our Sunday supper.  And my husband said it was good without me even baiting him to say it was good.

I do think 35 minutes was a little too long of a baking time and probably it was done at 30 minutes.  Since it so easy, I could see myself making it again, but this bread recipe from allrecipes.com is still my favorite honey wheat bread.


Teresa said...

Comments with no prompting are always the best! Good luck to your sister in her campaign.

Sweet and That's it said...

you are a wonderful sister! I'm sure she'll love your cookies.
PS: next time, send the loaves, too. This bread is so delicious and looks great!

This is my favourite recipe from the book so far. Such a versatile bread is a dream!
We had it toasted and not-toasted with butter and honey or butter and jam,
we use it for sandwiches or anytime we like to eat bread.

loavesandstitches said...

Looks good! We liked this one, too.

Cher Rockwell said...

What a nice care package component!

Beautifully done.

Catherine said...

I looked up your favorite recipe and I haven't ever made bread with evaporated milk. Think I will try it ... or maybe even just sub out the water for milk in this recipe ... hmmm. Blessings! Catherine www.praycookblog.com