Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TWD- Blueberry Muffins

When I was a kid I participated in 4-H, my favorite projects being the cooking and baking ones (I was terrible at sewing and the only girl who didn't get a blue ribbon- just a participation ribbon).  One of the things the judges looked for when critiquing your food was the presentation and color.  I would dare to say these muffins would fail on that.  They turned out kind of sad.  The taste was great, but they just had a limp and lackluster look to them.  My family likes muffins with streusel tops, so I will probably stick with my tried and true recipe.  This recipe involved a lot of bowls for just muffins.


Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Sorry they didn't turn out. They do taste good that is for sure.

Cathleen said...

Sorry you did not care for these. I did enjoy them. They would taste great with a streusel topping I'm sure!

smarkies said...

Sorry these did not suit you. I thought the flavour was ok- but needed a little more ooomph.